The bond is instantaneous and unique…the relationship complex…laughter, tears, frustrations, fears…but always unconditional love!

Constantly pushing boundaries in their exploration of what it means to be a mother, Dalda has yet again unveiled an honest, human truth about motherhood: Happy child may not always equal Happy Mother and Happy Mother often means a less happy child!

Just think about how proud you were when you were learning to eat by yourself …and how mad…yet secretly happy…your mother was at the mess you made? Remember the time your teenager came home early from a friend’s house because they had a fight? You were sad for them…but happy for you…you felt needed again…even momentarily!

It is this emotional realm that we find ourselves in when we enter the world of this film for Mother’s Day.

The sleepless nights, the fear of new experiences and the satisfaction of knowing the bond can never be broken!

A true celebration of a dynamic that only mother and child understand… brought to life by a brand that truly understands what motherhood means in all its complexity and depth!