The Fridge: Out With The Old, In With The New!


The first campaign released by Lowe & Rauf for OLX in Pakistan, and designed to encourage people to get rid of their old things by posting on OLX , focuses on the idea that only when you get rid of the old you can bring in the new or as we say locally: “purana jaye ga to naya aye ga!”

This storyline revolves around a family’s need for a new fridge and how a broken glass becomes a trigger for behavior change:

When the too-smart- for-her-own-good maid smashes yet another glass, she escapes reprimand by informing her employer that only when you get rid of your old stuff can you bring in the new, which inspires her employer to replace her steady old fridge by getting rid of it on OLX…so she promptly takes a picture, uploads, sells and replaces her steady old appliance with a brand new one…prompting the cheeky maid to ask if she should break another glass!