Global Digital Trends To Watch In 2015: Lowe Digital’s Gurus weigh in on WARC research! Posted on

WARC, World Advertising Research Center (formerly Market Research Abstracts), recently published a report that highlights 10 media trends that are expected to grow in 2015 and will help define the industry’s landscape:

1.      App simplification

2.      Video Ads

3.      Connected TV

4.      Paying to go ad-free

5.      New News Services

6.      Start-ups going ‘full stack’.

7.      Voice

8.      Symbols and emojis

9.      Virtual reality

10.  Robots

It also describes several long term trends such as; the rise of mobile computing and online retail, digitization of content, subscription over ownership, and the emergence of peer-to-peer commerce and services.Along with this insightful information, the author also talks about the impact these trends have on brands.

Another long term mega trend applicable to the local market is the rise of online retail. Jehangir Hansotia, Planning Executive at  Lowe Digital says, “The recent entry of foreign online retail websites such as OLX and, along with the growth of local online retail websites such as and; are a clear indicator that online retail is quickly growing in Pakistan”.

The catalysts driving this trend are primarily foreign investors, who see enormous potential for the online retail businessin the country due to its large population of over 180 million people, aburgeoning urban middle class, a massive youth bulgeand the aforementioned rise in mobile connectivity.

As Pakistan leapfrogs its way across technological gaps, it will be exciting to see how the communication industry is able to keep up with the nation’s technological nerds!